I don't know how to officially answer that question but having known Jim O'Day for many years including during his time at the Western Breeze in Cut Bank, I can't imagine wanting to fire him for anything.   It does, however seem that somebody always has to take the fall for a looming problem.  I didn't think that Coach Mike Kramer deserved to be fired by the Bobcats either but like Jim said in an e-mail, "it was a shock but it is part of today's global picture of  intercollegiate athletics across the country."     We were shocked as well.

Jim has always been of great assistance to us here at KSEN, helping us to line up speakers for our Athlete of the Year Banquet, or getting any kind of informaton from the University on sports.

Speaking of that I just talked to Jim on Tuesday this week and he mentioned that he had recently talked to former Cut Bank Football Coach Ron Kowalski and that he might be willing to speak this year.   I am thrilled to tell you that Coach Kowalski has said he would speak this year at our banquet on May 9th.

Coach Kowalski is a legend among H.S. Football coaches and also spent several years coaching tight ends at the University of Montana.  We are really looking forward to him coming and thanks & Good Luck Jim.

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