We'll get the sports started as usual on Thursday night on KSEN AM 1150 with the Washington at New York Giants game at 6pm.

Then on to high school football with Conrad at Shelby on Friday at 6:45pm on KSEN AM 1150 and online at ksenam.com with Cut Bank at Choteau on the FM (KZIN 96.7) and online at k96fm.com also getting underway at 6:45pm. Saturday we'll head down to Great Falls to bring you the CJI at Great Falls Central on KZIN 96.7 and online at k96fm.com at 12:45, after which, we'll join the Northern Arizona at Univeristy of Montana. Meanwhile, on KSEN AM 1150 We'll have Cal Poly at Montana State at 1:00pm.

NFL action on Sunday will get started with the NFL Preview at 9am on the AM station, followed by NFL Today at 9:30 am. Our NFL games will be Indianapolis at Tennessee at 10:30 am and Denver at Detroit at 5:30 pm.  Of course, we'll also bring you Monday Night Football - Kansas City at Green Bay at 5:45 pm on KSEN AM 1150.

We know you'll be out there somewhere, so text us your score, post it to our Facebook page or tag us in your tweet! We can't be at every game, so let us know what's happening at the game you're watching.

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