It's all in the book that I'll be giving away this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia. The book is Mark Ireland's "Soul Shift; Finding Where the Dead Go." I always thought that it was Whitted's...Send Me To Glory In A Gladbag! This book is a must read for ANYONE trying to comprehend life after death or anyone who wants to learn how loss can create an even stronger bond between the living & those who live again. "Heart-rending", "intelligent", "well written"'s been called all those things & I"m calling it my Puffman Musical Trivia PRIZE for this afternoon!. I've come up with a unique musical trivia on a Grammy Award winning tune from 1959 & I'll give you a was the theme song for one of the great TV crime/detective dramas we all watched. See you at 4:30 this afternoon for Puffman Musical Trivia & your chance to WIN Mark Ireland's "Soul Shift." Check the book out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Independent bookstores or from Frog Books out in Berkely (wouldn't you know), California at:"Soul Shift"...Puffman Musical Trivia will be "Soulful" this afternoon for sure!