Last night, the Cut Bank Public Schools hosted a BBQ and tour of the HC Davis Gymnasium. If you didn't attend, you missed a good burger or hot dog and a very informative tour of a building that's been in Cut Bank a LONG time. Some estimates say the gym was built in 1936, others say it was earlier than that. Either way, in my opinion, it's outlived it's usefulness. I have often wondered why nothing has been done about the state of that building sooner. The gym is, I guess, technically accessible to the handicapped, but it certainly leaves a lot to be desired in that regard. While my own children are far past the point of playing sports in the HC Davis gym, I remember when they did and it was a rare event that didn't have some sort of injury or near-injury resulting from the design of the building.
Some of the current issues in the gym are:

  • Fixed Obstacles
  • Walls and End Lines
  • Bleachers
  • Stairs
  • Support Beams
  • Small Court Dimensions
  • Limited Handicap seating
  • Lack of accessible restrooms
  • Lack of Locker room access

Major repairs currently needed include:

  • Roof
  • Exterior Walls
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing

While you might think that the financially prudent thing to do would be to make the repairs and "get by with what we have", my understanding is that if we just repair the roof, for example, the entire building will have to be brought into ADA compliance.  That's going to be EXPENSIVE!

Also, from a purely fiscal point of view, there will most likely never be another opportunity like this one to upgrade our facility and not feel the pinch.  Due to a 48% increase in the District #15 Taxable Valuation, District 15 Mills will decrease by 44.26 mills, the gymnasium proposal impact would be 9.02 mills for a net decrease in mills of 35.24.  That means the fiscal impact on taxpayers would be a decrease of $55.79 on a home valued at $100,000.

You don't have to take my word for it however, feel free to contact Superintendent Wade Johnson at 406.873.2229 or email him at

Oh - and dinner was great!  Watch the local paper and listen to KSEN/K96 for more information on additional public meetings.  I'm sure Wade would be happy to take you on a tour!