The kids have been back at school for less than a week and they've already had one day off for Labor day.   So you might be asking yourselves why another day off on Thurs.

Sunburst Superintendent Tim Tharp tells us that "it wasn't the ideal situation" but the one that worked out the best.  Shelby, Cut Bank and Sunburst have partnered to bring in a special Educational staff and that's called a "PIR" day.   Tharp says the schools were subject to the schedule of an "extremely popular presenter," Dr. Bill Daggett.

Dr. Daggett founded the International Center for Leadership in education.  He is the creator of a practical planning and instructional tool for determining the relevance of curriculum and assessment to real world situations.  If our teachers can get a handle on whether or not what there teaching in really pertinent, then I guess it's worthwhile.   Anyway the kids from Sunburst, Cut Bank and Shelby will be staying home Thurs.