Some looked like they were going to lose their lunch, others bent over and some just laid down on the ground......All were sweating profusely and breathing hard.

Just a few of my observations at the Shelby hosted Marias Valley X-country Invitational on Monday evening.   All I could think of was I am glad I didn't have to do that.

The boys winner, Emerson Connelly from Browning told me that the heat does make it a tougher race but he finished on top with a time of 16.24.  Shyler Speak Thunder of  Harlem was second and the normal flurry of Browning runners (they wee Born to Run like Springsteen said) came in third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.   Brandon Trombley, Wyatt Mad Plume, Brendan Running Wolf, Derrick Meineke and Emett Dusty Bull respectively.  Tanner Raph and Caydon Keller both from Shelby finished 8th & 9th.


For some reason the girls didn't seem to be as taxed.  Nicole Arnold of  Malta was first to cross the finish line.    Just a side note.....Malta had to travel approximately 320 miles for about an hour and a half  meet and they kept the bus running.   On with the story.....Katelin Smith of Augusta was a strong second.    She has the potential to be a top State C finisher.  Third, fourth and fifth were all Browning runners......Courtney Juneau, Shanell Cree Medicine and Wendy Mad Plume.    Ashley Bielawski of Shelby ran a nice race and finished 6th with Rebecca Running Crane of  Browning 9th and Maggie Fretheim of Shelby 9th.

I'm glad they bring this meet to Shelby every year.    I get the chance to see X-Country up close and personal.   The girls from Browning say they always picture me with a cowboy hat on.     Yee hah.