Carrots are one of those vegetables that I prefer raw to cooked, but if we must have cooked carrots at Thanksgiving (and my Mother always insisted we must) here are five yummy looking recipes I found at

Over 14,000 readers have downloaded this recipe, and since you probably have all five ingredients for Orange Glazed Carrots in your cupboards right now, you might want to "audition" it before Thanksgiving.

Carrots Au Gratin is a cheesy (in a good way) carrot casserole. One of the reviewers noted that she substituted a frozen vegetable medley for carrots and her family loved it, too.

My Grandma's secret for dealing with pick eaters (me) was to mix an ingredient (carrots) they (I) didn't like in with something they (I) did rice. I wish Grandma had had this Carrot Rice recipe.

If you really want to impress the in-laws, a successful Carrot Souffle ought to do it.

And finally, if you have carrots, butter, honey, ginger, lemon and a half-hour, you can treat your Thanksgiving guests to Honey Ginger Carrots.

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