KALISPELL, MONTANA – November 6, 2015 – The Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) authorized by the United States Secretary of Agriculture has openings for replacement and new members within each of the different member categories. Applications are available on the Flathead National Forest web page,  or from the Flathead National Forest Supervisor’s Office in Kalispell.  Mail completed applications to Deb Mucklow, Flathead National Forest (RAC), P.O. Box 190340, Hungry Horse, MT 59919. Applications must be submitted by November 27, 2015.

The Resource Advisory Committee consists of 15 members, each appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture for a three-year term. Members serve without compensation. Members of the RAC are residents of Flathead County. Of the 15 members, five members represent each of three categories established by Congress to provide balanced and broad representation. There are also three alternate or replacement members for each category. The categories include:
Category A- organized labor, developed recreation, off-highway vehicle use or commercial recreation, energy and mineral development, commercial timber, and Federal grazing permittee or other land-use permits,
Category B- nationally, regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations, dispersed recreation, archaeology and history, and nationally or regionally recognized wild horse or burro interests, and
Category C- state, county or local elected officials, American Indian Tribes, school officials or teachers and the public-at-large.
The committee reviews and recommends projects for funding that benefit local resources within Flathead County. 
The Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee was chartered in 2001 by the US Department of Agriculture under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and is authorized under Section 205 of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000, Public Law 106-393. 
For more information about the Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) contact Deb Mucklow with the Flathead National Forest at 406/758-6464 or 406-387-3851.