Local firefighters in Glacier, Teton, Pondera, Toole & Cascade counties have some tips to make sure that your grain or hay crop doesn't go up in smoke.

Conditions are dry and we hear all the time about fires started by equiptment that spread like.......well......wildfire.    The local firefighters say there are a number of steps you can take to prevent equiptment fires. Among them;  maintain equiptment and make sure it has a functional exhaust system or spark arrester, avoid parking or driving in tall grass.  If you can't avoid it, inspect the area to make sure that a fire hasn't already started or that potential for a fire is minimal.

And make sure you have the necessary tools and water to suppress a fire.    It would also be wise to have a tractor with tillage equiptment attached for emergency line construction if a fire does start.  Water trucks are always a good ide and if a fire does start and gets out of control, call 911 immediately.