The International 4‐H Youth Exchange (IFYE) is an exchange for young adults, ages 18‐30. This is both an inbound and outbound program and every year Montana hosts a number of IFYE delegates from primarily European countries. These people are affiliated with 4‐H or other rural youth organizations in their home countries. Many of them have grown up on farms and are interested in agriculture in the United States. They visit Montana for up to three months and stay with a series of host families for 2‐3 week periods, usually in the summer and early fall. Most of them like to work on ranches or farms in Montana so they can use their skills and learn from their host families.

After attending a U.S. national IFYE orientation (Kansas in 2012), the IFYE delegates come to

Montana and stay with their first host family leading up to 4‐H Congress. After Congress, IFYEs move to their next host family. Host families are responsible for coordinating transportation from one family to the next. First and last host families are asked to pick up and drop off their delegates who fly in and out of Montana. IFYEs have their own international health insurance and they sign a code of conduct which states they will obey all U.S. laws and abide by their host family rules. If they have an international driving license, they are permitted to drive, although not able to rent a car in the U.S. until they are 25 years old. Other than Congress, there are no special activities planned for the IFYEs as they are here to immerse themselves in the culture of Montana families.

For more information about how to host, contact your county Extension office or Stephanie Davison at 406‐994‐3502 or


2012 Delegates Available


Thomas, age 20. He is a certified agricultural mechanic. His family grows corn, wheat, sugarbeets and he wants to learn about American farming. Host families needed: 8/24-9/14 and 9/14-10/3.

England (Devon County)

James, age 24. He grew up on a horse/beef farm. He coaches rugby and has a national diploma in Sport. He enjoys hunting, riding, farming and shooting. Host family needed: 8/3-8/24.


Till, age 21. He is a mechanic for farm machinery and enjoys restoring cars, tractors and motorcycles. He wants to learn about agriculture in the U.S. and nutrition. Host family needed: 8/3-8/24.



Northern Ireland

John, age 22. He grew up on a beef and sheep farm (100 acres). He is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Host families needed: 8/3-8/24 and 8/24-9/15.


Malin, age 20. She is studying community safety and environment and is interested in environmental issues. She is involved with 4-H Norge, but does not have any specific farm/ranch experience. Host families needed: 8/3-8/24 and 8/24-9/15.


Frida, age 20. She grew up on a small farm, but lives in town now. She likes horses, tennis, skiing and art. She is very involved in Swedish 4-H and her family has a longstanding ice cream producing business. Host family needed: 8/24-9/10.