It began innocently enough- Glacier National Park posted this photo on its Facebook page, asking FB Friends to identify the little green lake in the right side of the picture. Several of the 150-or-so comments tabbed it as "No Name Lake", with Two Medicine Lake in the background.

As so often happens, that got me wondering if "No Name" is the actual name of this lake? It shows up that way on Google Earth.

I did a little internet research, and found that a while back, someone proposed calling the little  lake "Engagement Lake", but the Glacier County Commission and park officials regected the idea.

I also found that the majority of the hundreds of little lakes in Glacier National Park have no names at all.  So if most of the park's lakes have no name, why bother to name this one, especially if you're just going to call it "No Name"?

I need to know. Seriously.