With proven health benefits and added recreational opportunities, the city of cut bank is joining the growing number of communities looking to build a walking trail.  Cut bank park board member Wade Swenson tells us the walking trail is in its infinite stages but there has been quite a bit of thought put into it. In fact, a feasibility study may be completed in the not too distant future.    Swenson says Lyle Meeks who spearheaded the Rivers Edge Trail in Great Falls is guiding the study.

Swenson says they don’t yet have a definite trail but they would like to incorporate as much of the city of Cut Bank as possible.    Also the more scenic areas such as the river coulee, the new overpass and even the sports complex, could be included. Swenson noted that it definitely won’t be a 1 year deal, but a process that would see improvements over many years to come as funding becomes available.

Somewhat related, Jennifer Biegler, Cut Bank’s city recreation manager has successfully written a grant application from the Kids Safe Routes to Schools…..from the Montana Department of Transportation.  Biegler says it was just over 44-thousand dollars and will make it possible to put in 4 blocks of sidewalks near the Anna Jeffries school……it’s an area, she says, where kids currently are forced to walk on a dirt trail or the street.  The grant will also pay for some police wages to educate on safe travel, speed signs and other things.  It just so happens that those sidewalks could benefit the future walking trail because they are along some of the route that’s being considered.