Great Falls author and traditional fiddle player Richard Baker will present a visit with Pierre Cruzatte’s ghost at 3 p.m. on Sept. 30 at the Stage Stop Inn in Choteau.

A member of Montana Humanities living history speakers’ bureau, Baker developed his historical persona in the 1990s. Pierre Cruzatte was a French-Indian boatman and fiddler on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Baker presented his program throughout the 200th bicentennial commemoration of Lewis and Clark and Corps of Discovery and continues to entertain Montana audiences with his hour-long mixture of yarns of the journey as told by boatman Cruzatte and tunes Pierre likely played on the fiddle.

In this presentation Cruzatte’s spirit, believing it is July 14, 1805, is surprised to encounter the audience. At first he is seriously concerned for the welfare of these unarmed people in Blackfeet and grizzly territory. He soon warms up to the audience, drawing the listeners directly into the experiences of the exploration, making them feel they are actually sitting in a camp, listening to Pierre Cruzatte.

The program was written for an adult audience and assumes they have a basic, high school history knowledge of the Lewis and Clark adventure. Although the show contains music, some humor and adventure, it is still essentially an educational program.

Opportunities for all Scholarship Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Choteau, is sponsoring the program. The group provides scholarships for eligible adults and children with low incomes to attend enrichment classes and programs or to take music lessons. A free will donation is suggested. Refreshments will be served. For more information call 470-4014.