Why not take her to "Motherin Up" in White Sulpher Springs.   "Motherin Up" is a gathering of Cowboy Poets and Musicians that will gather together to entertain all Mothers and their guests to original poetry and music.

Tickets for the night show is just $12 for adults and $6 for those fourteen and younger.   "Motherin Up" is sure to be a fun event and a great cause as the proceeds will go to buy defibrillator units to be placed in areas of high attendance in the community.

Have a great time and a Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Here is the a copy of the schedule.....

Friday night at 7 pm local youth showcase their original poetry.  Admission for this performance is two non-perishable food items or $5 to benefit the Meagher County Food Bank.

Saturday morning beginning at 10 am well-known poets and pickers from several states and Canada offer their rhymes and music in two separate venues throughout the day.  Free event.

A Silent Auction will be held throughout the day with bidding to close at the intermission of the night show.


Saturday night’s main event features an impressive group of artists with pre-show music beginning at 6:30:


Entertainers for the main show are:


Sandy Seaton Sallee:  Sandy writes and rides from her home in Paradise Valley, Montana.  Her original western writing has been featured in magazines, gatherings, and shows across America and Canada. She has been inducted into the Montana Poet Hall of Fame, and is proud to share her tales of the history, animals, and people that are the heart and soul of the West.


Gwen Petersen: Gwen is from Big Timber, Montana. Her poetry tends to lean heavily on the humor side of the fence with a bit of nostalgia thrown in here and there. As a “musician,” she ain't, but that does not seem to stop her from abusing her guitar.  She has produced many a Gathering in her home town.


Steve and Stan: This is Steve Hughes of Lewistown and Stan Walls of Kremlin.  Steve came to the Big Sky 30 years ago. He is a well-known throughout Montana and southern Canada as a humorist, guitar picker and song writer He likes his music to "move." Steve travels with Stan Walls, a rancher from Kremlin.  Stan plays the mandolin, and built the one he plays.  He plays with a western spirit and wants to keep the traditions alive.


Hannah Clemmensen:  Born blind, Hannah can fill up an auditorium with her amazing ten-year-old voice.  Backed up by her father, Dennis, she enjoys the crowds and is totally at ease visiting with her fans.  She lives with her family on a ranch near Roundup and has been performing for more than half her young life.


Fred Liese: Fred is a rancher from the Turner, Montana area.  His unique brand of poetry reflects his out-of-the-box humor combined with rural experiences.  You cannot be a lazy listener or you will miss the subtleties of his humor.  Fred's comments on everyday life will have everyone tickled.


Charlie Cook: Charlie is the genuine article.  He's an old time cowboy and has ridden the ranges with the best.  He writes authentic poetry about cowboy incidents and sees the world through a humorous eye.  He and his wife, Sioux, live near Sheridan, Wyoming.


Fred and Shirley: The Dobirsteins, from Alberta, Canada, are a husband and wife duo playing traditional western music.  They have had a dance band for a number of years and now just play at dinner functions and western gatherings.  The older set will love to reminiscence with their familiar tunes.

Tickets for the night show are $12 for adults and $6 for 14 and younger.

Sunday morning – 9 am – Cowboy Church led by Bob Petermann with refreshments provided by the White Sulphur Springs Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association.