Slash, Nancy Wilson

Christopher Polk / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

It wasn't long after the shocking death of pop icon Whitney Houston was revealed to the world that tributes starting pouring in via Twitter. Whitney didn't have a ton of direct connections to the rock world, but that doesn't mean classic rockers don't have memories of and tributes to the singer to share with their fans. Below is a sampling of reactions from Slash, Heart — check back later for updates, we'll put more posts up as more come in. R.I.P., Whitney.


Shattering news about Whitney. RIP.


Rest in Peace Whitney. We are heartbroken. She had the voice of an angel and a true artist's soul. Our deep love to her family-Ann and Nancy


i love whitney


Rest in peace Whitney…We will always love you


Now like then when you see her face, she takes you away to a special place… – RIP Whitney Houston


Very sad to hear about Whitney's passing.


RIP Whitney