According to a recent survey by Yahoo! Personals, an overwhelming majority of respondents (77 percent) already spend an average of one to three hours per day looking for love. When asked what they would do with more free time, one in four singles cited looking for or meeting potential dates as high on their priority list. Yahoo! Personals' National Call in Single Day encourages singles to make the most of that time this Valentine's Day by extending their lunch hour or taking a personal day to gain some self-insight, make better dating decisions and maximize the chances for love.

During National Call in Single Day singles are invited to log onto to take the free Personality & Love Style Test and Relationship Test, to discover how their own personality and love style play an essential role in finding the most compatible matches for them. Visitors who take the free test will be entered into the "Find Your Needle in a Haystack" promotion which will send one lucky single and their "needle" on a romantic trip to Paris, France.

The National Call in Single Day Survey
Yahoo! Personals' most recent survey of more than 1,100 singles uncovered several interesting lifestyle insights about singles across the U.S., including which are more "passionate" and which are more "careful" when it comes to their love lives:

  • Singles Steam-Up the East Coast: East Coast singles identify themselves as the most "passionate" and "romantic" when it comes to their love lives, while singles living on the West Coast say they are the most "spontaneous." Midwestern singles claim to be "careful" when it comes to love.
  • Men more Passionate than Women: While both men and women considered themselves to be romantics, twice as many male respondents than females identified their love style as "passionate."
  • More Free Time = More Time to Find Love: When asked what they would do with more free time, one in four singles cited looking for or meeting potential dates as high on their priority list. Equally important to singles was spending time with friends. Running errands and exercise ranked low on wish lists.
  • Be Your Own Cupid: The Yahoo! Personals survey also found that Valentine's Day is not all about waiting for cupid to strike with chocolates and flowers. More than one third of respondents (35 percent) plan to treat themselves to something special on February 14th.

"Singles are optimistic that they will find love and they want to make the time to find the right connection," said Lorna Borenstein, vice president and general manager of Yahoo! Personals. "By declaring this Valentine's Day 'National Call in Single Day,' we're encouraging singles to spend more time focusing on themselves and bettering their love lives -- and it doesn't have to be hard, Yahoo! Personals has the free searching, matching and self-insight tools singles need to easily find their 'needle in a haystack.'"

Haystack Fever
The majority of singles (85 percent) believe that when it comes to finding love, they will find their needle in the haystack. Paula Abdul, one of America's most sassy and stylin' single women, will be celebrating National Call in Single Day by hosting the Los Angeles "haystack" and helping local singles enjoy some Valentine's Day fun. In addition to finding a possible love match at the haystacks across the U.S., singles can win prizes such as diamond earrings and digital cameras. But, logging on in the name of love might be the best past-time yet for singles this Valentine's Day.