Today was interesting day! We started with a short, brisk walk to the grocery story (it took over an hour), when we returned to our flat in Queens, we made the plan for the day. It wasn't difficult, we were going to take the Q38 bus to the Metropolitan Avenue Subway station, then ride the subway into the city. Easy right? Well, not entirely. We missed the first Q38 bus and the second one was going the wrong way. We walked to the subway station - it was a long way!

After we got on the subway, things went a little better. We got to the 42nd Street station and exited the subway to get to the Hilton to watch the dress rehearsal - you can see it here:

We went to check out the balloon inflation - that was an experience, but in the mean time, we got on the wrong train and wound up on 115th Street- you don't want to get off there! But we had to, so I went up on the street (bad idea) to call my daughter who was on her way from Las Vegas to NYC today. It was what my kids would call "a little sketch" up there, but while I was up there, the rest of the family waited for me in the subway. they got to watch a guy get pepper-sprayed and handcuffed. Needless to say - we got on the very next southbound train out of there!

We did get to the balloon inflation near the American Museum of Natural History and the crowds were terrible! I don't mean just terrible, I mean I got run over by a lady with three chubby kids in a stroller. It was cool though and I will post some photos.

Tomorrow, we have a plan, we're riding another bus to another train and then we're off to the 72nd street station to try and get a seat to watch the parade. I'll let you know how that goes. We're leaving at 4am - hope for us to get a seat!!

Stay tuned right here for parade video tomorrow!