The weather has been absolutely perfect!  We spent the day visiting the 911 Memorial, then we attended the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.  I was absolutely WONDERFUL.

Radio City Music Hall is beautiful, I recommend seeing it if you are ever in the City.  It was definitely second only to the parade on my list of favorite parts of the trip.

We have a few tips for all of you if you ever decide to visit New York City.  We highly recommend renting a flat - try or to find a vacation rental for your trip.  It was very nice to have a little place to call home that was more like a home than a hotel room.

Other tips:

1) Be PATIENT, you're going to wait for lots of things.

2) Get an MTA pass - the 7 day unlimited pass was $29 and well worth it.  You can use it to ride subways and buses all over the city.

3) Get an MTA map as soon as you can.  The things make sense if you take a few minutes to really take a look at it and it will make your travels less painful.

4) If you don't know where you are going, ask someone.  People were really helpful with us.

5) Don't panic - all of the trains will stop, there's a map onboard and you can usually figure out in a couple of stops whether you are going the wrong way.

6) Give yourself a little extra time to get where you are going.

7) Smile - you'd be amazed!

8) Take hand sanitizer - you may not find a place to wash before you eat!

9) Use the restroom before you leave and whenever you see one you can get into, they are few and far between.

10) Have fun! It's a vacation!!