Libraries are something that we are all blessed with as Americans, and here in Shelby, we are most fortunate to have the services of the Toole County Library. Sometimes I like to say that the library building is "the building with the most stories in town"! And it doesn't even have an elevator! The Friends Of The Library will be holding their book sale this Thursday (5/3) at the white building, next to Hong Kong Chans. I've been a card carrying member of various libraries since I was knee high to a gopher and I know, like in their previous book sales, that there are going to be some real treasures in store this Thursday evening. It starts at 5 and the sooner you get there, the greater chance you'll have in picking up a couple of great books. This is a win-win proposition for's good for the library and even better for us, the reader. Speaking of books, David Crosby wrote in his first book that the answers to everything in all the world can be found in books. They're all written down somewhere, someplace, we just have to read to get them. See you this Thursday beginning at 5 for the Friends Of The Library Book Sale.

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