A delivery driver's messages has left homeowners "heartbroken" after seeing the man on their doorbell camera.

What The Driver Said That Left Homeowners 'Heartbroken'

TikTok user joynthejourney922 regularly shares videos of delivery drivers dropping items off on the porch of her Atlanta home. Instead of posting videos of drivers caught slipping up on the job, the homeowner likes to capture candid moments when she surprises them with treats.

Sometimes she leaves snacks for the drivers. Other times, especially during the sultry summer heat, she shows her appreciation by rolling out a cooler of ice cold drinks.

Last week, a delivery driver decided to stop by the home even though he didn't have a package for the address.

The man, who knew he was being recorded, explained that it was his last day on the job.

"I appreciate y'all. Y'all been the best house I worked with throughout this year," he says looking into the camera while grabbing some snacks. "So, I am saying I hope y'all have a beautiful life... And Hopefully one day we will meet again."

When posting the video, which has been viewed more than 38 million times, the homeowners said they are "heartbroken" to have their "favorite" driver no longer working on the route. They are now trying to get in touch with the man.

"To our driver friend: We would love for you to continue to stop by even if you'r not on the clock," the TikTok post reads. "You're welcome ANYTIME! We really appreciate everything.."

Other Drivers Who Were Surprised By Snacks On The Job

The TikTok account shared its first video of delivery drivers being offered treats last December. In the first video, an Amazon driver's face lights up with joy as she reads the note explaining the setup on the home's porch.

Since then, the joynthejourney922 TikTok account has amassed more than 112,000 followers and millions of views simply from the homeowners thanking delivery drivers.

"This is honestly the kindest simplest thing I've seen in a long time," one commenter said on a video of a delivery driver grabbing snacks before returning to her route. "You definitely brighten a lot of drivers days. Angel on Earth."

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