If you're a supporter of the Great Falls Rescue Mission, the leaders of the Mission would like to say thanks, at a free dinner in Shelby this Sunday.  Director Jim Kaiser says we not only want to recognize all of the people north of Great Falls who volunteer and donate to the Mission but, "we also want to share about the services we provide.

Some of those services are obvious, like providing short term shelter and meals, but did you realize that the mission has a Dental Clinic, an optical clinic and a full Family Center.

The Mission just last year, provided 88,000 meals and bed nights for for 37,000.   Kaiser told us in a recent interview on KSEN that the Family Center is the fastest growing segment of the mission and he does agree that it's partly related to the economic downturn and soaring prices in the past several years.

But there's also much more to the Mission, even beyond the services.   It's noteworthy that the Rescue Mission takes no Government money, mainly because in addition to the services their goal is to see people that come to them accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and thus gain a full recovery and an ability to provide for themselves.  Many of the Stories of this happening are incredible and at least one will be shared at the dinner in Shelby Sunday.

The Rescue Mission provides numerous programs for men, women and children to disciple those who believe.   Of course, Kaiser tells us that if they accepted Government funds, that aspect of the Mission would probably have to be eliminated.

If you want to find out more, please come to the Free Dinner in Shelby this Sunday May 6th at 2pm in the H.S. cafeteria by the gym and let the Rescue Mission say thanks or entice you into becoming a new supporter.   Your treasure will be in heaven.

The organizers would like to have an estimate of how many are coming.  If you know you'll be there, call 761-2653 or access gfrescuemission.org and let them know.