On January 7, 2012, Sidney High School math teacher Sherry Arnold went for an early morning jog and after she didn’t return home, she was determined to be missing. As the world later was saddened to find out, she was randomly kidnapped and murdered by two transients passing through the area.
Sherry had been an avid runner her entire life and she continued running after surgery to remove a cancerous growth in her leg. In honor of Sherry, this event is designed to be either a walk or a run for pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.
We will start at the Sunburst Schools bus barn on the east edge of town and go to the frontage road on the east side of I-15 south toward KW Insurance. Participants are encouraged to walk/run south as far as they feel comfortable and return to the beginning. There is no pressure to go any further than you are capable of going. The race organizer has committed to doing the entire route which is about 7.75 miles. Early distances will be
marked in ½ mile increments with full miles marked later in the route.We are not timing this event nor are we keeping track of places or how far individuals eventually go. Other
events are ‘races’ designed to challenge your speed and endurance. This is meant to be a time to remember Sherry and commit ourselves to a healthy lifestyle.
Participants will be asked to contribute $20.00 to cover the cost of a red long-sleeve shirt and refreshments that will be served by the Sunburst Ecumenical Youth Group.

Registration forms are available HERE!

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