1 out of 3 Americans can prove saint's blood flows in their veins. That's what Christian author Brian Starr says in his new book,"Saints Who Left Descendents". Brian has spent years researching the lives & family trees of over 100 saints in this book & he says if you can trace your ancestors to royalty, chances are there's a saint in your family tree. Me? I've always suspected that my family tree was full of circus performers! This looks like a most interesting read & Brian is the author of more than 10 books examining the lives of saints, nobility, & historical figures. A common misconception, according to Brian, is that all saints & clerics were celibate. In fact as late as the 15th century, Pope Felix V was married & had 1 son. The bloodlines over over 100 early saints & their royal descendents are outlined by chronological, alphabetical, & by county of origin order in this great read for genealogists & anyone interested in the history of early saints. Check out the book from Xlibis Corporation at www.Xlibris.com & get ready to be literally fascinated!