Peter Franklin, the New York City Gabby Cabby joins me this afternoon (Tuesday) around 4:40 on the Puffman Show to share a rather poignant Christmas story. I don't want to give away too much on my blog & spoil it for you this afternoon, but suffice to say, you'll hear how Pete & his family were invited one long ago Christmas day to dinner with some friends & how the friends never fed them. There was NO Christmas dinner and, as a matter of fact, there was NO dinner period. Flash ahead to later in the evening as Pete & the family were heading back to NY City in the family bus starving. It was cold, the snow was coming down, the wind was blowing, you could hardly hear the tires beating against the snowy payment, what with the sounds of the rumbling stomachs inside of the car. That, & the kids crying & wailing, covered up any & all road noises. No use turning on the car radio, it couldn't be heard over the din. As early evening turned into late evening & late evening turned into a family calamity with no restaurants open ANYWHERE, Pete, the ever observant cab driver, spied a light somewhere in the distance. I guess we could call Pete the 4th wise man! See you later this afternoon for "The rest of the story" & this heartwarming tale from a Christmas eve never to be forgotten.