We'll be visiting the Big House again tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. We're reading Ellen Baumbler's BOOMER..."Dark Spaces: Montana's Historic Penitentiary at Deer Lodge" & it's a fascinating read for our Tuesday Evening Montana History at the Heritage. Baumler has done it again! This interpretive historian at the Montana Historical Society down in Helena, has snooped out it all...correspondence, prisoner intake records, parole & discharge information, structure reports, & the newspaper articles to tell the story of Deer Lodge. It's not a pretty one either. Check out the book from University of New Mexico Press at: www.unpress.com & I'll look forward to reading more Montana History tonight at the Heritage at 6 o'clock sharp. If this book doesn't scare you, J.M. Cooper's black & white pictures will for sure.