That that I've brightened up your day, let me tell you about my guest tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon on the Puffman Show. He's Dr. Richard Wagner out in Seattle, Washington's & Dr. Wagner's written a new interactive workbook designed to help us define & achieve a good death for ourselves. Loosely quoting the late Jim Morrison from the Doors, "Nobody gets out of here alive" & "The Amateur's Guide To Death & Dying: Enhancing the End of Life" is a fascinating & useful new tool to help us address the questions & emotions that arise as we face our mortality. It's designed primarily for sick, elder, & dying people & I'll be giving away a copy of the book right after tomorrow's afternoon's interview with Dr. "Gloom & Doom". Dr. Wagner promises to address "Why Me? The difficulty, as well as the necessity of, of facing & embracing our mortality. Although there are numerous other books available on this topic, nothing compares in scope, attitude, or style to this book. It's modeled on a program that works & is highly praised by participants, their family, & friends & professionals who attend them. See you tomorrow afternoon at 4:35 for this timely & LIVELY discussion.