St. Luke's Church will be hosting Vacation Bible School all next week here in Shelby. I think some of the best days of most of our lives were spent at a vacation bible school a time or two. St. Luke's Vacation Bible School's open to all children entering grades 1 through the 6th. This one promises fun, singing, crafts, and Bible study all led by counselors from Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp. The hours for St. Luke's Church Vacation Bible School will be Monday through Friday next week from 9 until 1:30. If you'd like more information, please contact Susan Raph. Her number is 460 2536. You may also contact the church office at 424 8500. I encourage kids AND parents not to miss out. It might be the funnest time you had this summer...don't miss the opportunity! See you next week at St. Luke's here in Shelby.