Our Shelby viaduct remains half open and half closed thanks to a semi-truck snafu earlier in the week. The department of transportation says repair work will begin next month weather permitting. Once the repairs start, the bridge and roadway under the viaduct will be closed for about two weeks. I'm thinking about broadcasting my popular afternoon radio program from under the viaduct in order to describe the work that's going on and the progress that's being made. I'm considering using "Cross Over The Bridge" as my theme song or perhaps "Bridge Over Troubled Water". I thought about playing a ton of Alicia BRIDGES' tunes but she only had one hit! Another good idea might be asking local chiropractor Alan BRIDGE to co-host with me. In the meantime, the north-bound lane over the viaduct is open but if you want to go south, call or e-mail me for directions. In the meantime, have a good weekend and stay warm.