We have fewer than 100 pages left to read in the current book we're enjoying Tuesday evenings during "Montana History" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I'll be there this evening (Tuesday) at 6 to continue reading Donna Gray's "Nothing To Tell-Extraordinary Stories of Montana Ranch Women". It's a great book & author Donna Gray began her work in oral history while living the Bay Area of California. With her husband's retirement in the mid-1970's, the couple bought a ranch in Montana's Paradise Valley, where Donna became interested in the histories of neighboring ranch wives. That interest prompted her to expand her search for the stories of Montana's rural women like we are reading about on Tuesday evenings. Some 30 years ago, Donna set up her tape recorder on the kitchen table of the 1st of 12 Montana ranch women whose oral histories make up the chapters of this book & they all really DO have "SOMETHING to tell"! We'll pick up tonight where we left off last Tuesday with the saga of Eva Eyman Depuy, born on January 16, 1905 & lived all of her life near Livingston. Eva was interviewed at her home in Livingston in April of 1988. She died there at age 93 in June of 1998, about a month before I started here at KSEN. See you this evening (Tuesday) at 6 for more "Montana History" at the Heritage.