"Tall" Todd, the custom harvest guy reports from Texas that they are fighting wet grain, low bushels, & test weights from 56.8 to 59.8 lbs. The harvest has been slow due to recent rain from 1.5 to 2 inches. Yields are from 12 to 15 bushels & the elevators are testing for protein...not paying a premium for it, but docking on the price if the protein is too low. The tests that have been taken show that they grain has as high as 15.8 protein & the moisture is as high as 13.9! Todd says that the fields have patches of grain where there is nothing at all in the heads & areas that have good quality grain. Examining the heads prior to harvest, the fields have heads with no grain at the top or bottom, some with no grain the middle & some with the whole head showing heads. Todd thinks that late frosts may have been the culprit. He said that they grain is short & small rocks in the fields get under the outer drapers & stop the rollers, due to having to scrub the ground to get the grain. They have cut about 1500 acres & he hopes to be done in the Vernon-Harold, Texas area by this Friday. Then, it's on to Oklahoma as Todd's crew heads north singing, "OH What A Beautiful Morning". The "Talkative" Todd said there are few custom harvesters in the area & one producer has leased a combine from "Machinery-Link." I'll keep you updated on the custom harvest guys as we head toward harvest here in the Golden Triangle later this summer under our Big Sky.