Recent storms here in the Golden Triangle have brought much-needed raind but also some elements that aren't as welcome such as hail and strong gusty winds.

The Tuesday night storm brought one and three-quarter inch hail to the Browning area.   Nickel-sized hail to west of Augusta and hail large enough to do major crop damage northeast of Shelby.  Rainfall amounts have been surprising with 2.2 inches reported South of Brady after the Tuesday night storm and 5-inches around Whitlash.

On Wednesday more rain with 8-tenths near Devon and 6-tenths E. of Brady.  We measured 1.6 inches over the two nights of the storm here at the KSEN Studio's.

Meanwhile we're not exactly sure why this vehicle came to town but it would seem it had something to do with the storms which some residents have described as close to tornadic.