Avid Grizzly fan Tom Root called me this morning to say he added his voice to the vocal throng who have complained about the inability to watch either Montana or Montana State on television next week. Not only did he complain to ESPN, he also called the FCC to let them know he considers the decision to carry the games on ESPN3 only unfair to us technology-challenged folks in the remote West.

If you want to join in, Tom did the legwork for you. He says the phone number for the ESPN headquarters in Connecticut is 860-766-2000, and they will transfer you to the poor sap assigned to field your call. Another option of which we are often reminded: If you don't get ESPN3, call your television provider! And be sure to thank 3 Rivers Communications in Fairfield and Triangle Communications in Havre; published reports say they already carry ESPN3 for Cat and Griz fans!