I blogged just last week about some fine church activities that take place here in the Golden Triangle & this weekend is no exception! There's going to be spaghetti on the platter this Sunday at St. Luke's Lutheran Church here in Shelby when our Girl Scouts do their Spaghetti Fundraiser from 11 to 1:30. Our Savior's Lutheran Church will be holding their annual Harvest Dinner Sunday from 11:30 to 2:30. Down in Power, the Guardian Angel Catholic Church will be presenting their Fall Dinner Sunday afternoon from noon to 3 at the church. I suspect Gary Gollehon might be taking this one in, Gary loves to eat & he's already in the neighborhood...sort of. Over in Cut Bank on Sunday, St. Margaret Catholic Church is having their Fall Dinner from noon until 4 at the church.I've said it before & I'll blog it again, living here in the Golden Triangle out here in Big Sky Country is very special indeed & it's fundraisers & harvest dinners like these that make life out here so downright enjoyable!