I blogged earlier today about "Home" & speaking of "Home", I'll be going back to the Heritage Center here in Shelby tomorrow evening (Tuesday), to continue reading more "Montana History" with Kareen Bratt's book, "My HOME'S In Montana". Like mine, Kareen's "heart" is also in Montana & this resonates throughout this great read. For me, having grown up down in Great Falls, I thoroughly enjoyed reading last week of Kareen's trips to Ryan Dam for picnics & to Gibson Park in downtown Great Falls. Like Kareen, some of my fondest memories are my parents taking me to Ryan Dam & Gibson Park as a kid. Seems like we visited both the dam & the park so often during the spring & summer months back in the 1950's...I look younger than I am! These were indeed the best years of my life (besides doing the Puffman Program these days in the afternoons), & I suspect they were for Kareen also. We have about 40 or 50 pages to go up at the Heritage & I hate to see the book conclude...she should write another one! This book, by the way, is available at the Prairie Peddler here in Shelby. See you tomorrow evening at 6 for more "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center. & yes, like Kareen, I used to make the bridge "sway" out at Ryan Dam!