I'll be going back up to the Marias Heritage Center tonight (Tuesday) to read more "Montana History". I haven't given up on "Penny Post Cards and Prairie Flowers" written by Montana author Philip J. Burgess. I was about to dispatch the book to File 13 after the 1st week because I found all the post cards in it boring with a Capital "B". Well, that was the 1st week but last week, the 2nd week, I simply read the story (which is turning into a pretty good & interesting one) & skipped reading the post cards. Nothing against the post cards, but these people couldn't even spell, much less, write anything all that interesting...MY opinion. I'm sure that the post cards were interesting to Burgess, but he at least KNEW these people. I don't know any of them from Adam...not to be confused with Adam Gottfried who I sit right next to & have known for years. In fact, I would probably find post cards from "Awesome" Adam more interesting from these folks who died a hundred years ago! I'll see you tonight at 6 for more "Montana History" at the Heritage-minus the post cards.