I found a brand new craft store in Conrad and it's right on the main drag at 412 South Main. The name of this unique store is "Creative Additions"  and they are fast becoming your crafting center for classes, ideas, and supplies. Creative Additions is open daily from 10 until 5 including Saturdays! Creative Additions is proud of Conrad and is saluting the Conrad graduating class of 2011 this month on KSEN and K96 Radio. And they're not only proud of all the graduating seniors this year, but they're offering after school crafting for kids  every day after school from 3:30 to 4:30 and it's only $5 per class and this includes supplies. Creative Additions certainly adds a real sparkle to downtown Conrad and I wish them the best in this new endeavor for north central Montana. It's a neat looking store from the outside and even cooler inside. There's even a fireplace right inside the store. And while your there, check out the old barn wood trim inside and outside this cute shop. After you read my blog, check out their website at creativeadditionstore.com.