We're streaming at: ksenam.com & k96fm.com, plus I'm "steaming" with my friend Brian Solomon's new coffee table book presentation of "Streamliners: Locomotives and Trains in the Age of Speed And Style." Brian's done it again & put together 115 color & 81 b/w photos. Check out the book from Voyageur Press at www.voyageurpress.com where you'll see streamlined trains of the 1930's in all of their sleek glory in this beautiful offering. In the1930's, streamlined styling was applied to everything from kitchen appliances to farm tractors as it captured the American imagination. Keen to regain passenger traffic lost to automobiles & expanding roadways, railroads hired industrial-design giants to produce sleek, futuristic shrouds for locomotives. "Streamliners: Locomotives and Trains in the Age of Speed and Style" explores the historical & scientific context for the development of streamlined locomotives & trains, the designs that became standard-bearers of North American speed & luxury, & the contemporary popularity of the streamlined look in popular culture. No doubt about it...streamlining was the product of the last great era of American passenger trains, when elegantly styled, named trains connected cities across the continent on fast schedules. Our Empire Builder up here on the Hi-Line was an example...see pages 120-121! Brian Solomon has authored more than 50 books on railroads & I feel this is one of his best!