The custom cutter guys will soon be rolling into our Golden Triangle. I received a report this morning from "Tall" Todd, one of the custom cutter gurus that comes to Montana & he says that they are hoping to finish up down in Denver any time now. Todd & his custom crew are cutting Snow Mass soft white winter wheat for the "Lucky" Linnenberg farms. I've come to learn that "Snow Mass" is a Con-Agra variety & is a protected variety, which was being harvested for seed for next year's planting. The yields were just shy of 30 bushels per acre (dry-land) & they also harvested a small acreage of a hard red winter called "Bird". This variety yielded somewhat better than the Snow Mass. If you ask me, "Snow Mass" would be a great name for a Montana micro "winter brew"! After finishing up in Denver, Todd's crew will make the move to Forsyth, where winter wheat will be ready to harvest & the malt-barley is turning fast in the 90 degree plus weather. Todd reports that the crops he has harvested so far are not corresponding with yields that "experts" had predicted earlier in the summer as he has harvested irrigated pivots in Kansas that yielded up to 50 bushel per acre, which is not profitable for either producer or custom-harvester. Here's hoping for a GREAT harvest season this year in the Golden Triangle!