Jury selection has begun in the trial of Charles Geoffrey Santoro of Kevin. Santoro is charged with three felony counts including negligent homicide in the death of Jeremiah Levi Rowell outside the Vets Club in Sunburst in August of 2013.

The trial is being held in the Toole County District Courtroom with District Judge James Haynes of Ravalli County presiding. A full courtroom of potential jurors answered questions from the prosecuting and defense attorneys throughout the day.

Court records describe alleged details of the incident that night and charge that Santoro ran over Rowell with his pickup that night in the Vet's Club parking lot after an altercation first inside, then outside teh bar.

Rowell's wife, Tiffany, and a friend, Justin Gallup, also suffered injuries. Rowell was pronounced dead at the scene and a medical examiner later determined that the cause of death was blunt force injuries to the trunk.