If you were anxiously awaiting to hear my Amtrak friend, Marc Magliari, yesterday (Friday) afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Show, don't worry about a thing, you didn't miss it. Marc was busy loading some extra baggage, and along with checking the air breaks on one of the Amtrak locomotives, Marc didn't have time to make it on the Puffman Show yesterday.  The good news is that he will be with us this afternoon, same time, as we welcome full Amtrak service back to the Hi Line this week. With the upper mid west flooding and all, passenger service got suspended between Havre and Chicago back in June. The water's down, the tracks are repaired, and the infamous Empire Builder is once again running from Chicago all the way to the west coast. Marc is a great media relations spokesperson for Amtrak and after listening to him for a few seconds, you come away with three main points: Marc loves the Empire Builder, he loves passenger trains, and he loves the Hi Line. He's actually ridden the Builder through here a time or two. I gotta' say, "I have driven and I have flown, and nothing can compare to the downright comfort, price, scenery, and convenience of our mighty Empire Builder." Nice to have you back Builder, and for times and reservations in and out of Shelby, give Rick or Carolyn a call down at the local Shelby Amtrak. The number's 434 5031. You can always call the special 800 number also, 1 800 USA RAIL.