The Megaload arrived in Valier yesterday, I have been somewhat interested in the whole deal, so I took a little road trip to take some photos and I thought I would share them with all of you.
I first asked the guy wearing the Security t-shirt if it was ok to take pictures, he was a big guy and I didn't really want him tackling me in the street. He said it was fine long as I stayed across the street.
So, I took pictures and counted axles and tires. The truck that is pulling it has two tires on the front then on the back of the truck, where the trailer hooks on there are three sets of duals. The load is 316 tons, 250 feet long (that's 50 feet shorter than a football field).
According to a story at
"A 550 horsepower “tri-drive,” which has three drive axles instead of two, is carrying the load. The trailer was custom built for hauling large vessels. The caravan includes a pull-truck driver, a push-truck driver, a rear-pilot rig and a support truck that carries spare parts and equipment in case there’s a break-down. Six workers are on the crew. 
The back of the trailer has 64 tires, with a set of 8 axles going down each side, with 8 tires on each axle."
The back of the trailer has a spot for another driver.
The whole thing was very interesting. It is a VERY large load and very impressive.
I arrived in Valier a little before 8 and the driver and others were around, getting ready for their 10pm departure. The load only moves between 10pm and 5am. They were to cross the border at Sweetgrass last night and stop north of the border this morning.