Hard as it is to realize it now, another harvest season will be here before we know it. Like life, it all goes by in the blink of an eye. I received word this morning that Todd, our friend, the custom harvester, has talked with producers in Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas & that things are looking pretty rough. In Texas, the crop adjusters are looking over the situation as farmers have to determine whether to graze out crops or take them to harvest. Brown spots are appearing & some thoughts are green bugs, which they are spraying for & also spots may be from drought. Oklahoma is dry with water shortages in south central Oklahoma & livestock producers worried about livestock water. In Kansas, the native pasture in south western Kansas & eastern Colorado is being spiked to prevent the native sod from blowing. "Talkative" Todd wonders if there WILL be a harvestable crop or not this spring, as he has help soon to arrive to begin the southern trek in a little over a month. It won't be all that long before Todd & his custom crew are back up here in the Golden Triangle. Here's hoping for a good crop year for our Ag producers!