I'm giving away TWO books this afternoon (Monday) on Puffman Musical Trivia & I've even come up with a musical trivia question that needs/takes TWO answers! The books are "More Home Cooking" AND "A Big Storm Knocked It Over" by author Laurie Colwin. Laurie was the author of 5 novels, 3 collections of short stories, & 2 collections of essays. She died back in 1992 & the 2 books I'm giving away this after were her FINAL 2 books. Since her death, her reputation has only grown, & both novels-which famously celebrated happy endings-& her books of essays on cooking are by now even more highly beloved than during her life. Ain't this the way life is...they never appreciated you until you're gone! Beautifully repackaged, these new editions that are up for grabs this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia, stand as a LIVING tribute to one of contemporary fiction's most original voices. "More Home Cooking" & "A Big Storm Knocked It Over" by Laurie Colwin went on sale nationwide June 24th. Check them out from HarperCollins Publishing at: www.harpercollins.com & then listen to WIN this afternoon at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia & see if you can answer my TWO part musical trivia question & WIN TWO books! If I was any better, I would be TWO people!