That's what author Gregory S. Downing says in his new book, "Entrepreneurship Unleashed: Wealth to Stand the Test of Time" from Legacy Unleashed Press. November 6th has come & gone, & there's a lot of anxiety around what happens next. This is true of any election. Many people are wondering, What will Obama's reelection mean for job creation, Social Security, healthcare, college tuition, & other hot-button issues. Given the shaky state of the economy, some angst is unavoidable. (For the definition of the word "angst", listen to some Jackson Browne tunes). But, Greg Downing says it's absurd to think that whoever occupies the White House for the next 4 years will seal your fate & make or break your future. "They" can't save you. Only you can save you. This book is quite heady stuff & is available at bookstores nationwide & from all major online booksellers. Our own Vern Anderson won a copy of the book several weeks back on Puffman Saturday Morning Sports Trivia. Congratulations Vern!