The year was 1936 when our government, under ol' FDR organized some 248 R.E.A. Cooperatives, making it possible to energize rural America. Many of our area farming communities were without the use of electric power until the adoption of Rural Electrification Act of 1936. Our farmers & ranchers had to rely on kerosene & carbide lamps along with windmills.The Sun River Electric Co-op was formed in 1938 & they were headquartered in Simms, only to be moved later on that year to Fairfield. Electricity arrived in the East Conrad area in 1948, with a board of directors representing each of the community areas. I like to think that WITHOUT electricity, the Puffman Show wouldn't be what it is today. I would also think that it would had been next to impossible to publish these Puffman Blogs. All way with REA!