This afternoon (Friday) on Puffman Musical Trivia, I'm giving away a beautiful presentation just in time for Mother's Day weekend. The book is "Dear Photograph" by Taylor Jones. This hardcover from William Morrow, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers just went on sale nationwide on Tuesday (5/8) and it's already proven to be a stunning visual compilation that includes more than 140 never-before-seen Dear Photographs (visit, as well as a space for you to attach your own treasured photo. "Dear Photograph" has been described as a "nostalgia-bomb-bursting, brain-cell twisting, heartstring-pulling roller coaster ride into the emotional unknown". This also sounds like an apt description of an afternoon on the Puffman Show! Let's face it...we all have moments we wish we could relive. We'd give anything to watch our children take their first steps, to recreate past celebrations, or to spend just one more minute with a loved one we've lost. What if there was a way to link the most powerful memories of our past with our experiences in the present? The book retails for $25.99 and the first person to call in this afternoon at 4:30 at 434 5241 on Puffman Musical Trivia with the correct answer to my musical trivia question will receive a copy of this digital nostalgia of the highest order-it will make you smile, maybe cry, and go find your old family photos. See you this afternoon at 4:30 for some musical trivia on the Puffman Show!