The Shelby Coyotes dominated this week's selections for KSEN-Bozeman Trophy Athlete's of the Week.

After a strong match and 3-0 win over Cut Bank, our female Athlete of the Week is Sr. Jessica Mahr.   In the Cut Bank match, Jess killed of 36 hit attempts and had 11 blocks.   The Coyotes middle  hitter and blocker has been impressive all season long leading the team in kills and as we observe, just leading the team.

Shelby Head Coach Jill Conant told us, "there's no doubt about it, we depend on her a ton."   Just a personal note from watching the Coyotes all season long, I have been most impressed with her reaction time to balls that have been deflected on a hit or block, in many cases balls that she hit or blocked.

Our male Athlete of the Week made 2 very athletic catches for Touchdowns and recovered a ball at the 1 yard line when Cut Bank's return man failed to cover it on a Shelby kickoff.   Shelby Head Football Coach Mike White says Jr. Bradley Fretheim has really stepped up his play in the last two weeks and "probably hasn't yet reached his full potential."

Fretheim had 6 catches for 95 yards and two Touchdowns.  Coach White agreed that the Touchdown catches, "were not easy catches."  Bradley also had 11 tackles on defense, many times using his surprising speed to run ballcarriers or receivers down.   The Shelby win over Cut Bank was a big one, keeping their playoff hopes alive and breaking a losing streak against Cut Bank that had lasted five years.

We also had a worthy nomination this week for Sr. Tim Stokes of CJI who returned two punts for Touchdowns and had over 300-yards total offense. The KSEN / K96 - Bozeman Trophy Athlete of the Week is sponsored locally by McDonalds of Cut Bank.  We welcome your nominations each week and you can do that by e-mailing me at: