James K. Papp, that is. Mr. Papp was born & raised up in Fairbanks, Alaska & has been writing & keeping a journal since the Tom Thumb age of 6. He's been a student of metaphysics & spirtuality for over 30 years. His education includes studying with Mayan spiritual teachers & work with a shaman (Sha-Man...I'm the Puff-Man!) schooled in the Q'ero Andean traditions. This writer & artist has just published "Inquire Within-A Guide to Living in Spirit". It looks intriguing. Jim & his wife Lisa spent some 13 years working with Mayan teachers & they're intimates in a Mayan wisdom school & have made periodic pilgrimages to Mayan sacred sites in Mexico. From what I am led to believe, these "Mayan" folks have some kind of crazy calendar that runs out later THIS month (December) & life here in our Golden Triangle, as well as the entire world, is supposed to end. I would normally schedule an author in 3 or 4 weeks in advance for my Puffman Program in the afternoon but if the Mayan predictions are true, what's the use! Check out the book at: www.inquirewithinbook.com. Should be a fascinating read no matter what your beliefs.