That's how Admiral Joe Dyer describes David E. Stevens' new potboiler "Resurrect", & a THRILLE it is! Stevens is the Colorado Gold Finalist for Best Action Thriller of the year & "Resurrect" is the gripping account of a fighter pilot given a 2nd chance at life only to be assigned the almost impossible task of saving the world. And, I thought I had problems when I came here to save the radio station almost 15 years ago! Although "Resurrect" is a novel, it is "Frighteningly plausible", according to Professor Joe Veverka from Harvard Astrophysics. The Executive Producer For All Mankind, Fred Miller, says it's "impossible to put down". Admiral Dyer has been quoted as saying, "Thrilling, technically astute, & knowledgeable of the inner workings of an elite club. It gifts the reader with the excitement & fear that accompany dark nights when things go wrong in the air". I don't know much about "things going wrong IN the air" but I'm more than familiar with "things going wrong ON the air" during my afternoon Puffman Program. I encourage you to check out this page turner at: