It's a mystical card layout through which political & social intrigue are merged. Whoa! "The Stockholm Octavo" is the title of Karen Engelmann's sparkling new debut hardcover novel set for release tomorrow (Tuesday). Library Journal says "this rollicking adventure story reads at times like a fairy tale with Good guy & Bad guys & obstacles to be recognized & overcome. As either a historical novel or adventure story, this clever novel should appeal to a broad range of readers". Sounds like a "romp" to me! Our broad range of listeners to the Puffman Show will have a chance "EVERY" afternoon this week at 4:30 to win their very own hardcover copy if they're the first caller in with the correct answer to my Puffman Musical Trivia question. It looks like a fun read in addition to being a regular romp. The author, Karen Engelmann is an American writer & designer, born & raised in the Midwest. She's the winner of the American Scandinavian Society Cultural Award Grant & you know what they say about thoseSwedish women! I encourage you to visit:, check out this hot new release from Harpercollins & I'll see you this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia.